Why Great Copy Is Born From Breaking Grammar Rules
Breaking grammar rules
November 09, 2020

Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?

Whichever way you swing, knowing the rules is essential to winning the game.

Of course when my parenting hat is on, rule-following governs EVERYTHING.

But when it comes to copywriting, I love nothing more than stomping on rules 👣.

Rules can be so limiting.

And also not.

Rules need to be respected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with them.

You just have to know when being disagreeable is appropriate. Something my 7-year-old seems to have already mastered when he wants something!

So if a 7 year old can figure it out, I suspect you can too.

Are there grammar rules that annoy you, rules that get in the way, or times when the right word just doesn’t exist? 

A big one for me is starting sentences with ‘And’. My Year 12 English teacher would have heart palpitations if she saw how prolific this is throughout my copy.

But when we have conversations, that’s how we talk. And copy must be conversational if you want to connect with humans. (See what I did there?!)

What about you? Do you want to connect with more humans? 💖

Want to stand out, be different, go your own way?

Break those damn grammar rules then! Doing things your way is all part of standing out.

But first. Familiarise yourself with the rules.

And understand why they exist in the first place. You can’t just kill the apostrophe. It has a very important job and is not (yet!) ready to hang up its hat.

Carefully choose a few rules to stomp on. What currently gets in the way of communicating with your audience? How can you communicate more simply? More effectively?

Think about how stompy* you want to be. Then start stomping. Test it out. See what your audience thinks.

Who knows, you may start to create a whole new language for your brand or your industry. It’s been done before. Why can’t you do it too?

If you want rule-breaking copy, let’s chat about stomping on rules together.

*Not a real word. But it works here, right?!

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