Testimonial writing service


Get cracking testimonials without the awkward factor 

Do you LOVE getting testimonials?

But feel AWKWARD asking for them?

Dog looking worried about testimonial writing

It’s time to stop avoiding asking for testimonials

– and hand this crucial job over to an expert.


White peacock fanning its feathers as a representation of how testimonial writing shows off how good you are


Testimonial writing service

Get cracking testimonials with my no pain, all gain, done-for you testimonial writing service.

Do you feel awkward asking for testimonials?

Maybe you’re one of few who actually asks, but your request is met with crickets.

And you have no idea how to follow up without seeming pushy.

Maybe you get them back, but they’re more lacklustre than a disappointing glass of flat champagne. And they really don’t talk about the difference you made in your clients’ business.

Testimonials are a crucial form of social proof for your business. 

When people are unsure whether to trust or buy from a business, they look to others to see they they think, feel and do.

According to Vendasta, 92% of people read reviews before making a buying decision, and 90% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations!

Woman reading testimonials before purchasing

You know you want and need testimonials.

Social proof is currency, and you want to cash in and cash up.

But, alas…

You feel icky and awkward asking someone to toot your horn (even though you deserve a little horn tootin’).

And you find yourself wondering, even if I can get over the awkward factor, how the HECK do I get good ones?

Let me pop inside your head for a moment…

Are you:

✅ Dreading that awkward email or call where you ask for a testimonial?
✅ Lusting after compelling testimonials that clearly state the impact you had on your clients’ business?
✅ Wishing someone would magically take the job away from you and deliver snappy, results-focused testimonials?

Then my new Fan Your Feathers testimonial writing service is for you.

I hear you. You’re asking:


Why would she want to do something more painful than sticking your hand in a pan of hot toffee?? (Not kidding, I know someone who did that. Decades later, I still remember their agonising cries.)

Well, the truth is…

Creating testimonials lights me up✨✨

I freakin’ love taking a theoretical scalpel to your clients’ brains and poking around til I uncover gold.

I’ll find the transformation you created and I’ll use your clients’ words to write cracking testimonials that attract more clients like them.

Testimonial writing lights up copywriter Miranda Packer

“Really? It’s that simple?”

Well, I wouldn’t say simple. But there’s a method to it.

Plus, it helps when someone outside of the relationship asks the tough questions.

Does this sound like the road to


you want to take? 

“Heck yes, gimme the low down!”

Kim McArthur, owner of South Coast Brides, says Miranda "Writes words that evoke emotions and spark action"

Chance Hanlon

Hanlon Entertainment & Voice

“We will 100% work with her again”


Working with Miranda was like having her on our team.

Her fiery passion mirrored ours, and it was evident she was determined to help us achieve our objectives. We will 100% work with her again.

What does my testimonial writing service look like?

Fan Your Feathers is my done-for-you testimonial writing service. It’s a no pain, all gain approach to getting cracking testimonials that help you get more sales.

I will interview your clients, poking around inside their mind until I find the transformation you created for them.

When I’m done poking around, I’ll deliver you a snappy, client magnetising testimonial. You’ll be able to dress up your website, social media, sales pages, brochures, sales pitches and new client convesations.

I even hunt and snag an accompanying profile photo for you to use.

You do great work for your clients. You put your heart and soul into projects.

You deserve to show off how extraordinary you are and use your success like a magnet to attract more clients.


You can fan your feathers for these low prices (excludes GST):

Sure, you could shrug this off as something you don’t really need.


You could keep on trudging through the status quo, willing a cracking testimonial to magically appear in your inbox.

You’ve got a magic wand, right? You can make that happen?

Copywriter Miranda Packer can take away the pain of writing testimonials

Ahem… mind if we get real for a minute?

What’s going to change?

Are you REALLY going to start planning for, chasing and securing killer testimonials?

You don’t have to struggle through asking for testimonials.


I can take away the


and do it for you.

Photography client, Liz Harlin says Miranda can write in a way that sounds "just like me"

Liz Harlin

Liz Harlin Photographic

“Her writing sounds exactly like ‘me'”


Miranda made every effort to ensure I was delighted with the end result. She is an excellent listener and researcher, and never gets defensive about feedback.

She also offers advice and suggestions that go above and beyond the scope of work. What she wrote for me sounds exactly like “me”. 

Here’s your 3-step plan to pain-free testimonials


Choose your package

Choose one of my done-for-you testimonial writing packages. 

Fan your feathers

Splash your cracking new testimonials on your website, social media, email signature, presentations, pitches, EVERYWHERE.

Attract more clients

Enjoy the sound of cha-ching as your cracking new testimonials seal the deal for clients who crave solid social proof.

Sooo, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get you some cracking testimonials so you can bring in the cha-ching.