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Release yourself from the shackles of a business that runs you

And instead lay the foundational strategies and practices that will catapult you into being 100% in control of your business.

Running your own small business seems fun and exciting at first. 

But when you’re constantly trying to outperform your competitors, or frequently pulling 80 hour weeks, or just feeling like you’re stuck navigating a revolving door of employees?

The shine can quickly wear off.

Often, small business owners like you can be victims of your own success.

You experience rapid growth, and it feels thrilling, but you know you’re not managing your time or priorities effectively. 

You think you’re moving forward, but you’re not really clear where you’re heading. And it feels like your business is running you.

Careful, planned growth is built on a foundation of being crystal clear where you’re going. 


Directional clarity and solid foundations is how you run your business — instead of it running you.

Truth bomb: People don’t come first.

Smart business owners know that people matter.

World class business owners know the only way to give people the best chance of success is to get the foundations right first.

Ok, great. So how do you do this?

Map the journey

You have to map the journey before you take your crew out of the safe harbour of a fledgling business. 

Like a voyage across the ocean, a growing business needs a reason for travelling, a destination, a compass, a strategy to anticipate storms (and tools for navigating them), an awareness of threats, and the limits of their boat. 

They’ll also need clarity on who’s making live-or-die decisions (and equally who’s not).


    Avoid a directionless adventure

    And if you don’t map it out? You’re taking your crew on a directionless adventure. 

    They won’t know where the heck they’re going, why they’re going there, how to get there, and when they’ve arrived.

    And they definitely won’t know when to course correct — because they won’t have any idea they’re off track.

    Don’t send your people to die

    Feel free to call me dramatic. But the reality is, if you send them on their voyage without clear direction, you’re throwing them to the sharks, swells, seasickness and storms.

    Heck, you’re practically issuing them a death sentence,

    Ultimately, you’re setting them — and your business — up for failure.


      Get your foundations right, and you will set your people and your business up for success

      My Small Business Coaching Packages


      You can’t solve problems with the same thinking that caused them.

      That’s why my small business coaching kicks off by understanding your thinking style. This is vital to recognise where the real work needs to be done. 

      My coaching is a hybrid model that gives you swift, convenient and world class online content using best practice methodologies, as well as regular 1:1 sessions with me.

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