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I help impact-driven brands win more clients like the ones you love most

Social proof copywriter Miranda Packer is sitting at her desk, in front of a laptop, and is holding a glass of champagne

Social proof copywriting for brands that dare to be different

If you’re like most creative women in business, you work damn hard to delight your clients.

You seek to dazzle, sizzle, and add pizzazz at every opportunity.

You deliberately choose to be unlike any of your competitors, because you know being different wins.

How I help you win more of your dream clients:

Case studies

My case study writing service captures the essence, evidence and emotion of your best client work, and turns it into a magical story of human transformation. 

A story you can use to magnetise more of the clients you love most.

Testimonial writing

Testimonials are a crucial form of social proof for your business.

I interview your clients, and poke around inside their mind. I find the transformation you created for them and turn it into a snappy, droolworthy testimonial. 

My brain for a day

Focused. Speedy. Convenient.

Got niggling work that you just need DONE?

When you book my brain for specified block of time you get faster access to my calendar. And you get my undivided attention on YOU.

You can book my brain for a two-hour block, a four-hour block or a six-hour block.

Website copy

Your website is a powerful and influential member of your sales team.

Command attention with snappy copy that effortlessly tells visitors what you offer and how it will make their life infinitely better. 

And win dream clients by showcasing all your social proof. 


Blog posts

Blog posts are a brilliant way to answer questions that relate to the life changing work you do.

You can also use them to write about your customer stories of success and award wins.

Engage me for one off projects, or save money with regular, ongoing posts.

Award strategy & coaching

Less intensive and friendlier on your pocket than my full award writing service.

I draw on my years of awards program management experience and help you create a strategy and plan for entering and winning awards.

I also critique, edit and proofread your work.

Award submissions

You know your business. You know all the facts, numbers and stories.

But do you know how to bring it all together in a way that will captivate the judges? Do you know what judges are looking for? I do. I ran an entire business awards program for two years. I recruited and trained judges.

You tell me all the things that make you memorable and incomparable. I’ll craft a submission that screams “Winner”.

Emails and e-newsletters

Your email list is a valuable business asset. It is a direct link to people who are interested in who you are and what you offer.

Engage, re-engage, educate, nurture and funnel your audience with regular email communication.


Authority building content

Creating valuable, relevant and consistent content that educates your audience will make your brand memorable and build trust.

When done effectively, it drives loyalty and ultimately leads to doing business with you.

I can help with ebooks, articles, checklists, ‘how to’ guides and infographics.

Working with Miranda was like having her on our team.

Her fiery passion mirrored ours, and it was evident she was determined to help us achieve our objectives.

We will 100% work with her again.”

Chance Hanlon

Director, Hanlon Entertainment & Voice

Are you ready to win more clients like the ones you love most?