What makes me ‘me’

Good copy comes from the heart.

Great copy comes from the soul.

You don’t want good copy. Or even great copy.

You want copy that compels people to press pause on life and take immediate action.

A mind rich with memorable experiences drives curiosity and a keen desire to listen to people’s stories. I love

This is mine.


I was about 9 years old when I first saw the 1960 film adaptation of HG Wells’ The Time Machine. It rocked me to my core

The lack of human emotion predicted in our future was terrifying. 

For years, it played on my mind. I became relentlessly curious about emotions and the brain

Keen to soak up as much about the brain as possible, I kicked off adult life studying psychology. I discovered I had a hunger for facts, research, statistics, and peeling apart the layers of our fascinating brains.

Not literally though. Ew!

But the curiosity inside me is an insatiably hungry beast. Despite loving learning about the mind, I yearned to learn beyond the realm of psychology and Japanese.

I said sayonara to university and konnichiwa to dozens of different roles over the next 20ish years. I’ve created luxury conferences and sold luxury cars. I’ve produced coffee table books and business award programs.

I’ve set up call centres in India and set up change programs for success with solid communciation campaigns.

My curious mind craves knowledge and learning. Like a T rex on a feeding frenzy, I have tasted a smorgasbord of different roles, feeding my appetite for knowledge and stretching my brain in the process.

“So what?” I hear you say

Curiosity is in my DNA. I will be curious about you, your story, your business, your industry, your competitors, your failures, your successes, your goals, and pretty much anything that makes you tick. Or doesn’t.

My curiosity will take us to the place where kick ass copy that sparks action is created.


Being hungry for knowledge has its benefits. In my seven years working in call centres, I chalked up a win with every role I interviewed for. Including a pretty cool six month stint in Mumbai!

How did I do this?

Turns out I have a ferocious tenacity for solving problems. Hiring managers in this industry love a committed problem solver.

“Can’t” isn’t in my vocabulary. I still shudder when I hear people say “can’t”, “shouldn’t” and various other negative vaguaries that all say “I don’t really care if I solve your problem or not”.

Next stop on my problem solving tenacity train? A pretty enviable events job that took me to some of the world’s most glamorous cities.

With no events experience, I managed to put on a knock-your-socks-off conference in Las Vegas and New York.

In only two months.

It was crazy amounts of hectic.

I think I successfully solved more problems in those two months than I had solved in the past 28 years of my life.

After that?

I became an unstoppable problem-solving force to be reckoned with.

“So what?” 

Solving problems fuels the fire inside me.  I’m incapable of leaving a problem unsolved.

Frequently, this drives my husband and my mum crazy. But find me a client who wants a copywriter who is happy to shrug their shoulders and say ‘meh, that’s the best I can do’. It just doesn’t pop anyone’s cork, does it? It’s also just not cool.

You deserve a copywriter who won’t rest until they’ve crafted kick ass copy that sparks your customers into swift action.

Relationships are like a fine vintage Champagne

Every memory and every moment has fed my insatiable appetite for discovering and learning.

As a kid, I didn’t have aspirations of being a copywriter when I grew up.  Heck I didn’t even know they existed. And I had zero clues about what I wanted to do or be.

So I tried a bunch of different things.

And for years, I thought there was no common thread to my misfit career trajectory.

But I was wrong.

Every new opportunity I’ve had over the last 15 years has appeared as if by magic.

Except magic had nothing to do with it.

Relationships were the magic sauce that paved the way to where I am now.

Curiosity is in my DNA. I will be curious about you, your story, your business, your industry, your competitors, your failures, your successes, your goals, and pretty much anything that makes you tick. Or doesn’t. My curiosity will take us to the place where kick ass copy is created.

My Story


So I decided to start an online magazine, helping local businesses connect with their customers.

 I was pumped. I was BORN to do this. I was doing the two things I loved and it was FUN.

 But there was so little time for writing, as there were so many moving parts to a magazine based business. I was bogged down in everything that wasn’t writing.


And I was feeling so overwhelmed, and so exhausted, and I’d barely even started.


It was (and still is) a great idea. But it is NOT a great idea for someone who has two young children, one being a baby who doesn’t sleep much.


And as a Navy wife, a locally based business was not the best idea. Who knows when I may be uprooted and moved across the country – or the world – in the not too distant future.


I needed to reset my thinking. I needed to be doing something that made sense with my life.


So I signed myself up with a brilliant business and mindset coach to sort me out. 


And when she said to me it was “completely obvious” I should be copywriting, I felt a strange but pleasing mix of relief, excitement, joy and anticipation.


It just made so much sense. With every job I’ve ever had, the one part I’ve loved is writing. 


Yes, yes, yes! Copywriting! That’s exactly what I should be doing.


A weight was lifted from my shoulders. I began to get excited as the idea cogs started turning.


I remembered a delighted client once referring to me as “The word bird”.


I thought about what my copywriting business would look like. 


That there would be no more boring industries and no more dull topics.


I would co-create copy with fun businesses that are all about bringing more joy into our lives.


And so The Word Bird was hatched.