How I’m Being Fearless In Business In 2021
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January 06, 2021

January. It’s that time when we all feel like we *should* reinvent ourselves. Write some rules, make a plan, and implement change.

And figure out how to become fearless so we can achieve our new year goals.

For some people, that works brilliantly. For others, it setting up for failure.

I tend to swing between the two. I find that a new year is a trigger to re-think my life: where have I been, where am I heading and how am I going to get there? And equally, where don’t I want to go?

When I reflect on 2020, there are three key recurring themes.

1. Chasing what I want
2. Nurturing my crew
3. Focusing on boundaries

I firmly believe that as humans, we often tiptoe around what it is we REALLY want. And most of the time, that helps no one.

To create happiness, we need to be clear on what lights us up. And go the hell after it like your life depends on it.

Our happiness is also affected by the people we spend time with, and the interactions we have with them.

My ‘crew’ is not a team of people, but rather the humans I choose to surround myself with. The ones who I love to spend time with either in person, online, or in my ears. The ones who will lift me up when I’m crashing downwards. The ones who I fill me with gratitude because they’ve impacted my life in a positive way.

And when you have a strong crew around you, you feel far better prepared to take on the challenges of business and life.

The zest you have for life is directly impacted by the people around you. Choose wisely who you spend it with.

Boundaries. It’s a word I’m hearing a LOT as we take on more. And try to squeeze in more.

It’s soooo easy to let boundaries slide. It’s easy to chase the shiny objects and the big money projects that bleed into your personal life.

But is it worth it? I said no to a big project just recently (despite being VERY tempted to say yes), because I could see my boundaries being put at risk if I took it on.

I started copywriting to life a better life, but compromise on the one I had. So that drives every decision I make now.

My tip with boundaries?

Write them down. Put them somewhere you can see them. And don’t bend them for ANYONE.

What’s your fearless plan for 2021? And what’s holding you back from achieving it?

And if you’re spending time on things that are stopping you from being fearless, think about how you could better use your time.


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