"Seriously, stop whatever you’re doing right now and get in touch with her.

Before your competitor does.”

Kirsty Fay, Director
GJ Gardner Homes Wollongong & Shoalhaven

Working with me

Working with a copywriter makes your life better. Easier. Cheerier.

I want you to take your copy stress and stomp all over it. Replace that stress with joy as you kick start your copywriting adventure with me.

I live and breathe transparency. You don’t want surprises. Unless it’s bubbly or sparkly or comes in a pretty pink box. You want to know what you’re getting, how you’re getting it, and when.

You want copywriter who is easy to work with. And who injects FUN into everything.

My clear, easy-to-follow 3-stage framework delivers exactly this. It gets us on the same page, right from the start.

Your copywriting adventure with me looks like this:

Stage 1: Planning

I know you don’t like surprises in business. Can’t say I do either.

It’s why we need to build a solid foundation and set the scene for success.

Here we cover scope, briefing, timing, proposal, T&Cs and initial payment.


Stage 2: Production

My fav stage – where the magic happens.

Once I have checked in to make sure my interpretation of the brief is on point, I research, communicate and create.

You can be involved a little or a lot.

Drafts, amends, and your final proofread content all happen here.

Stage 3: Post-project

It’s time to pop the champagne because the hard work is done.

Once you officially sign off my content, it’s over to you to feel the joy as your customers get sparked into action.

And maybe write a testimonial if you’ve been sufficiently delighted and want to help the Word Bird continue to soar.

Do I sound like someone you’d love to work with?


Looking for more?

Are you the kind of human who thrives on detail?

And you want to know every single stop we will make on our adventure together?

Then read on. I’ve got a full relationship roadmap for you below.

If you’re not a detail-loving human, stop here.

I think we’d both be happier if your head didn’t explode.

The complete roadmap for our new relationship


1. So you swiped right

A bit like a dating app, after you swipe right you’re going to get lots of questions.

My typical post-swipe-right questions help me find out whether a first date is in our future. I’ll want to find out what you need, what information already exists, your timeframe, the deliverables and your budget.

I’ll send you the questions in a Google doc. Once I have your answers, I’ll be able to give you an indicative price/price range.

2. The first date (via Zoom)

If we made it here, you’re happy with my indicative pricing. Huzzah! And you’re probably hungry for a proposal. Just hold tight, tiger.

You may have worked with other creatives who propose first, brief second. Not me.

I find that having a first date before the proposal minimises surprises for both of us. Kind of like an engagement. You wouldn’t give any air time to a proposal from someone who didn’t know you intimately, right?  

On our first date (via Zoom), I’ll be poking around inside your mind. I’ll be assessing our chances of success in a relationship, and assessing the investment we’ll each need to make.

3. It’s proposal time

Eeeeek, things move fast around here. Following our memorable and obviously smashing first date, I’ll create a proposal for you.

I’ll also issue the first invoice (50% of expected project costs) which must be paid to lock in a start date and get started.

4. Put a ring on it

To accept my proposal, I’ll need a sparkly new diamond ring a signed contract and the commencement invoice paid.

Paying the invoice affirms your commitment, which means I can now make time for you in my future (also in my diary).

5. REALLY getting to know you

Ooohh, I’m chuffed. You accepted my proposal! I guess that means I should REALLY get to know you and get intimate with your business.

I’ll give you a comprehensive Q&A designed to get everything out of your head and into mine.

6. Let’s get intimate (second Zoom date)

I now know a LOT about you, and we’ve made a big commitment, but we haven’t spent much time together.

If I’m going to become an extension of your brain, I think we should have another Zoom date.

On this call I’ll be seeking to fill any gaps in the Q&A. I’ll also be gazing deep into your eyes to ask you tough, purposeful and questions focused on helping you tell your story. 

We’ll also start talking about the future and discuss ideas for how your project is going to come together.

7. Creation & communication

Now I’m down to work, starting with research. This includes stalking your competitors, lurking online where your ideal clients hang out, and poking around inside the mind of your fav clients. 

We stay in touch during the copywriting process so you’re clear on how I’m tracking. I’ll also let you know of any challenges I’m facing and discoveries I’ve made. 

7. The rehearsal

For most projects, I’ll do three drafts (skeleton/indicative/first draft, second draft and third draft). 

The first draft is not a complete draft. It’s an outline of the intended structure, style and tone. It’s accompanied by a Loom video so you can understand my intention with messaging, structure and tone. This ensures I’m on the right track, providing copy that’s in line with your expectations. 

Sometimes I’ll do some live editing with you as well, if that’s how you like to work.

8. We made it!

After you’ve given initial feedback on the skeleton/first draft, I’ll issue two full drafts (a second and a third). Meaning you get two full rounds of amends (after the second and third drafts).

Additional rounds or changes are charged by the hour.

The final draft is proofread before it’s delivered to your eagerly awaiting inbox.

9. It ain’t over

Our adventure together has almost come to an end. Boo!

Once my final invoice has been paid, I’ll send you a Project Sign Off document. This officially ends the project and hands copyright over to you. 

I’ll also ask for a testimonial, but I make it really easy for you. There is no obligation to provide one, but I will be bursting with gratitude if you can.

Testimonials are probably what got you this far into my website, and I need to keep them fresh to keep The Word Bird soaring. 

10. Honeymoon

It’s time for you to enjoy your new, hardworking, emotionally-charged copy. 

Feel free to get in touch with feedback as to how your copy is working for you. I love hearing stories about how my words have made an impact. 

I will get also follow up and check in on my copy. I want to make sure it’s working hard, as promised.  

Ready to start your adventure with me?

Your adventure starts with a 30 minute discovery call.