AKA my brain for a day

You can get copy on call with freelance copywriter Miranda Packer

Focused. Speedy. Convenient.

Got niggling work that you just need DONE?

When you book my brain for specified block of time you get faster access to my calendar.

And you get my undivided attention on YOU.

Nowra freelance copywriter Miranda Packer can be an extension of your brain for a day

I like the sound of this! Tell me more…

Does your home page need a refresh? Sales page not selling?

Perhaps you’ve got an email, new web page, or document that you want a copywriter to ‘just glance over’.

Hot tip: copywriters are not very good at ‘glancing over’ copy. Once we’ve seen passive language, corporate buzz speak, crazy long sentences or bad grammar, we can’t unsee it. And we can’t ignore it.

I can ‘glance over’ (AKA do a full edit of) almost anything you like and jampack it with punch, power and pizzazz.


How does it work?


You can book my brain for an entire work day.

This means for six hours, we are locked into an exclusive arrangement. For the ENTIRE time.

Ok. You got me. If we’re being SUPER honest, I will stop to eat, hydrate, and visit the bathroom. But on my time, not yours.

Other than taking care of my body, I’m all yours. I turn off my email, phone, socials and disconnect from the entire world to focus wholely and solely on YOU.

What kind of work can you do?


Anything! Of course it all comes down to expectations. Unless you can help me clone myself, I’m not going to write you a 5 page website. I’d also recommend avoiding anything that requires input from additional stakeholders.

If you want tangible returns at the end of the day, you need to be realistic about what can be achieved in a day.

I recommend:

  • Webpage rewrites
  • Email writing and editing
  • Blog post writing and editing
  • Copy audits
  • Content marketing planning & creation

Need something else? Just ask.

Your time is finite. And you know what you’re good at.

Before you tackle writing copy or content, ask yourself:

“Is this the best use of my time?”


If the answer is no, let’s chat.

Ready to get my brain on your team?

Here’s your 3-step plan to better copy

Book my brain

You tell me the kind of work you need done and how long you want my brain for.

Lock me in

I’ll schedule you in for my next available block of brain time.

Get undivided attention

I’ll tune out the world while I focus 100% on you and your business.