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I help you win more clients like the ones you love most with emotive, story-like case studies

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Copywriter Miranda Packer can help you win more clients by writing a case study for you

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Because together, we’re going to show the world why you’re the obvious choice in your market.

My case study writing service captures the essence, evidence and emotion of your best client work, and turns it into a magical story of human transformation. 

A story you can use to magnetise more of the clients you love most.

My case study writing service eliminates buying pain

Let’s face it. Humans are overwhelmed. So when we need to make a buying decision, we want it pain-free.

Make decisions easy for the overwhelmed humans who want to work with you. Use your clients’ words to show them exactly how you can make their life better.

Young woman smiling with joy because she used case studies to help her close client sales

Wondering how this magical, client-magnetising sorcery works?

Stories SELL and social proof MATTERS

Call me a mood killer, but case studies are more psychology than sorcery.

Your prospect’s story-loving, social-proof seeking brain will see how you made someone’s life infinitely better. Someone just like them.

Their brain will be hooked by the story, and persuaded by the proof.


Their decision? MADE. Their choice? YOU. 

7 basic plots in stories - two little girls telling stories by the fire

Er, how exactly does this happen?

Attractive woman with dark hair and a red top, smiling and looking happy because she read your case study and now wants to work with you

A professionally written, emotive case study makes buying decisions easy because it:

  • Uses a credible source (a real, live human whose life you transformed) to position you as a credible expert
  • Hooks your prospect into a story where they imagine themselves as the lead character
  • Shares trusted insight into the way you work
  • Ensures you stand out from from a zillion other options in your crowded market
  • Proves you get results
  • Eliminates any doubt in your prospect’s mind that you are the obvious choice


Curious what a client-magnetising

case study looks like?

Here’s a peek at one I created for Sally Tudhope, a web designer who’s now winning more dream clients thanks to her case study.


An iPad showing the case studies I create with my case study writing service

How you can use case studies to magnetise clients

With more repurposing potential than a trusty old wine barrel, case studies are a wise investment into the future of your business.

Here’s a few ways that pack a punch:


Include in proposals and pitches


Splash the most delicious snippets across your social channels


Drip feed as a story-based email sequence 

Email signature

Insert a highlight in your email signature

Lead magnet

Use as a lead magnet to grow your email list         

Sales page

Provide as social proof on your sales page


Showcase your expertise on a page on your website

Blog posts

Create a 3-part blog post (the before, during and after of the story)

Wondering if my case study writing service is right for you?

Get ready to start magnetising clients if:

  • You provide creative or professional services, and your mind is always on, cranking out clever ways to wow your clients
  • You’re a course creator or educator who thrives on sharing your wisdom to transform your students’ lives
  • You’re the committed and generous leader of a vibrant, digital community
  • You’re an ambitious woman in business, hungry to snag more clients like those unicorn favourites

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