Brand voice guides

Start creating content in an unforgettable, distinguishable brand voice so you can magnetise more of *those* clients you love

Vanilla belongs in milkshakes, not your brand voice

Do you like to blend in? Is same same your game? Do you dream about being a carbon copy of every other freakin player in your market?

Yeah. Didn’t think so. (If you do, you probs wouldn’t have made it past “milkshakes”.)

Uncover and capture your unforgettable and distinguishable brand voice so you can leap out of your crowded market and command your space

Let’s get it over with. WTF is a brand voice?

Your brand voice is a reflection of your brand’s personality. It’s how your brand communicates. 

When done right, it REVS up your brand and catapults you out of the sea of sameness. It makes you

unforgettable and distinguishable

So you can command your space and magnetise more of *those* clients you love most.

Young woman smiling with joy because she used case studies to help her close client sales

The power of brand voice

Your brand voice is a way to stand out. In a sea of sameness, and saturation, we’re all fighting like savages for our bit of real estate in our market. 


Speaking to your audience with a distinct and consistent voice is a damn effective way to catapult out of the crowd. 

A distinct voice will make you unforgettable and irresistible. A consistent voice creates trust. And trust leads to magnetising more of *those* clients you truly love.

Because magnetising clients = helping more people = success = impact = legacy.

Why brand voice?

Your voice is made up of your rhythm (length and pace of content), emotions (or tone), vocab and style.

Recreating your voice is a combination of art and science.

Having clear guidelines takes care of the science. Leaving you free to choose content creators and copywriters you love, without fearing they won’t sound like you.



Words influence how people think.

Tone influences how people feel. 

People feel something before they think something, so getting the tone right is important to give people space to think. And to respond in the way you want them to.

Your brand voice style guide will keep your content creators (and you) on track for content that sparks action.

Every time.


My brand voice style guides

Working together to create my brand voice style guides is a deep, intensive experience. It’s also fun AF. For you, and for me.

I poke around in all the dark corners of your mind, uncovering all the triumphs, scars, and prickly bits that make you YOU.

I get my Spencer Reid* on, and analyse the heck outta your writing.

And I wrap it all up into a package that’s as beautiful as Amanda Gorman, and as useful as Macgyver.


*If you know who I mean, joining me for this ride is gonna rival the thrills you’d get ziplining over the Great Barrier Reef^.


^Not actually a thing. But TOTALLY should be.

Soooo, what does a brand voice style guide cost?

My brand voice style guides start from $1495 +GST for small businesses and personal brands. I have bigger, deeper packages available too.

And because I know there’s no one else like YOU, I can customise for your unique brand.

Ready to reveal your unforgettable brand voice?

Here’s your 3-step plan 

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Uncover & capture your brand voice

I’ll create a user-friendly guide designed to make it easy-peasy for anyone (including you) to write in your voice.

Start magnetising *those* clients

Create content in a consistent, distinguishable voice, and attract the right clients, every time.