Make your business an in-demand, award-winning business

Awards writing services for businesses that crave visibility and credibility

You know that winning awards is good for business.

But how do you write a winning entry?

 What are the judges really looking for?

And do you really even need a professional awards writing service?

There are SO many questions, right?!

If you’re like most people who’ve dabbled in entering awards, but won nothing, you’re probably feeling disillusioned and disheartened.

You may have given up on entering awards altogether (hold tight—I’m about to change that!).


Perhaps you’re feeling:

  • Annoyed because you see inferior businesses taking out awards
  • Deflated because you put your heart, soul and countless hours into entering, but won nothing
  • Overwhelmed with the hundreds of programs and unsure which ones are right for you
  • Confused because you’re not really sure what the judges are looking for

Those feelings all SUCK.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Kick sucky feelings to the curb with my awards writing service.

Ok, so what’s all the awards fuss about anyway?

Entering awards is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.


When done well, you’ll be rewarded. Handsomely. And I’m not just talking about a trophy and pretty gold badge for your marketing. 

The benefits of entering are endless. From the moment you decide to enter, through to the conversations and opportunities that pop up after you win.

You’ll see your business through an entirely new lens. You’ll uncover untold stories.

You’ll ask questions you never thought of asking. You’ll set new goals. You’ll hold yourself accountable to those goals.

You’ll embark on new adventures. You’ll form new relationships.

And that’s just scratching the surface.


Awards will transform your business

But first…

An awards writer is not a magician (although I do own a magic wand!). 

If your business isn’t kicking goals, and doing nothing to stand out, even my wand can’t help you win.

You don’t have to be changing the world. But you do need to be changing the world for at least one person (even if that person is you).

I’m your NOS

Think of me as your nitrous oxide. If you were racing Fast and Furious, and needed an edge to take out the competition, I’d be your NOS. I’d be your secret weapon.

You bring the competitive excellence.

I help you be first over the line. 


My Awards Writing Services


Each plan is customised to suit your business and your goals.

Prices shown are the starting point for each service. All awards programs are different. 

From as little as $697 +GST, my awards writing service can help you can become an award-winning business.

Ready to be an in-demand, award-winning business?