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Meet me — Miranda. Your fun-lovin’ and adventure-seekin’ champion of YOU.

Get me in your corner so you can love the heck outta your business and your life.

Hey there, lover of non-boring copy! I’m Miranda Packer.

AKA the Word Bird

AKA brand voice copywriter + champagne enthusiast + mum + small business supporter + mental load advocate

 + idea maker + deep thinker + lifelong learner + fiery word wizard.

I’m a heart-centred, occasionally fiery human and I love working with

small businesses that delight in infusing joy into our lives.

And I’m tired of boring, snoozy copy. Aren’t you?

Let’s take your copy from bore to phwoooaarr and help you soar.

Small and local business copywriter Miranda Packer sitting in a chair, writing copy that makes clients memorable and incomparable.

Soooo you probably want to know how I plan to do that, right?

Let’s kick off with one of my favourite topics – the power of word choice.

Yeah, yeah I know, of course I love to bang on about words. I’m a copywriter. I’m not here for the free Tim Tams. Although if you’re offering, I’ll have Murray River Salted Double Chocolate, please.

Mmmm. When salty crashes sweet’s party and it’s an all-night rage fest. Location: your tastebuds.

Salivating, yet? Of course you are. All those adjectives cleverly inserted before “Chocolate”? That’s the genius of the Arnott’s marketing team, leveraging the power of words. The more adjectives squeezed in, the higher your expectations, the faster you’ve torn open the wrapping and shovelled three delish biscuits into your Tim Tam hole. 

Right. Enough chocolate worshipping. We were talking about words, right?

I’ve spent a freakin phenonemal amount of time around people who don’t value or respect the power of words.

This ignites a fire in me.

I’ve also been called my fair share of equally powerful words by people who don’t care for a conversation about word choice.

We all know how it ends when we plunge our head into the sand, right?


If you agree, and you want words that win your customers’ hearts and minds, and sends their hands plunging into their pockets, you’re in the right place.

Breaking grammar rules

The Word Bird Difference

Here’s your bird’s eye view of what you get when you work with me.

I love poking and prodding inside people’s brains

No scalpels required. But my curiosity does spark a LOT of questions. 

Your business is very much an extension of you and we will only get to the heart of that by having a deep conversation. And by you allowing me to become an extension of your brain.

How this benefits you

Once you get comfy with me behaving like a “but why?” obsessed toddler, you’ll enjoy knowing someone cares enough to dig deep. 

A copywriter who cares enough and is unafraid to ask the tough questions will always get the best out of you.

I’m a closet romantic

Two words. The Notebook.

Emotions so powerful they transport you into the story. The euphoria of their love and the agony of their pain. The desperate desire to see them reunited and live happily ever after.

How this benefits you

You’re wondering “What the heck does this have to do with copywriting?”. A lot, actually. The brain is hardwired to respond to stories. And consumer psychology is deeply rooted in emotions.

Understanding this drives great copy. An obsession with it is fuel for killer, kick-ass, take action NOW copy.

Miranda Packer copywriter with a cup of tea, imagining the romance of The Notebook

I’m obsessed with stretching my mind

I crave new knowledge. I read about mindset, marketing and motivation for fun. I have scores of wise words, adorning my “Thoughts that spark action” board in my hideous scrawl. It’s a noisy but effective tool in making sure my clients get the best, always.

How this benefits you

You get a copywriter who is so much more than a wordsmith. You get a partner who brings a solid business mindset and a fierce determination to see you succeed.

 Want a copywriter who’s curious, fuelled by passion, and determined to see you succeed?

Miranda took the time to ask all the right questions, and got to know me and my business before creating the copy I needed for my blog.

I’m very selective with the contractors whom I work with. Being passionate about my business is one of my top criteria. Miranda absolutely ticks that box and produced a brilliant piece for me.

I would highly recommend working with Miranda.

Alicent Wong

Founder, Home Cook Love

Something to ponder…

Words are almighty. They excite me. Ignite me.

The right words inspire action to change the world.

The wrong ones divide it.

Don’t give power to the wrong words.

Miranda Packer brand voice copywriter

Want to chat about powerful words for your business?