5 Killer Reasons Why Copywriters Save You Money, Time and Headaches
October 29, 2020

You’ve had a long tiring day. But that blog post you’ve been putting off for three weeks isn’t going to write itself.

The kids are finally asleep. You’ve finished cleaning up from dinner.

So you pour a glass of Merlot, snap open a crisp new pack of Tim Tams, and tentatively open your laptop.

Damn. The last tab you had open in Chrome was a review of Chris Hemsworth’s latest movie. Your finger hovers over the link to watch it on Netflix.

You glance at the time. It’s 7.45pm. If you can bash out this blog in an hour, you could watch the movie and still get to bed at a semi reasonable hour.

You write the working title and try to think of bullet points to get you started.

There’s silence in your head. Crickets.

Where are the ideas?

Aaahh – a Tim Tam. That will help.  And a gulp of wine.

But no. Still crickets.

It’s now 8.08pm. The screen is still blank. Apart from the bland working title.

Another Tim Tam. Surely the sugar rush will incite a flood of ideas.

You type a few notes. Then delete them all.


Where are the words? You know your business inside out. You love it.

And you know what you offer makes people’s lives better. You should be able to write 10,000 words about it.

Dammit! Why are there no words?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Being completely unable to find inspiration for blog posts is not uncommon for business owners.

It doesn’t matter how much you know and love what you do. If writing doesn’t light you up, it’s always going to be a struggle.

You didn’t start a business to spend your time feeling frustrated.

There is another way.

Hire a copywriter.

Here are 5 bankable reasons why that’s a better idea than stressing yourself out and still not getting anywhere.

Reason #1 – You’ll achieve your goals sooner if you focus on your strengths

Four hours is a LONG time. And you know every hour is precious.

Think of the energy spent on writing a blog post. If it takes you four hours and a colossal amount of pain, is it worth it?

Imagine: what else could you have done with those four hours?

Reviewed your Google analytics and made some changes that bring more traffic to your site?

Brainstormed twenty new product ideas?

Follow up hot leads?

Start writing your goals for next year?

Send thank you cards to new clients?

Create a referral program?

Created a Christmas sales campaign?

Even sent out invoices? 

I could go on. And on.

For most business owners, any of those options are more appealing than thinking of 800+ clever words. Or worse, words that may not end up being that clever.

More importantly, all of these can and will get you closer to your goals.

I’m not saying blogging isn’t important. It is (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this!). But you have to be clear on the best use of your time.

And how it relates to achieving your goals.

Reason #2 – If you use time wisely, you’ll come out financially ahead

Sure, you’ll need to pay a copywriter to write the post for you. But what could you have EARNED, planned, created or strategised in that time?

Quite possibly, the copywriter’s fees will easily be covered with what you achieve by redirecting your energy and attention.

In fact with time spent wisely, you’ll cover their fees and have enough to buy a bottle of delicious French bubbly (or three) to celebrate your wins.

How? Let’s look at it this way. Say it costs $300 for a blog post. And say it takes you four hours to do ALL the blog post things.

That is: topic, research, writing, editing, proofing, image selection, captions, and THE most important part: the headline).

If you spent four solid hours doing any of the things I suggested under point #1, do you think you could bring in $300?

I bet you could. Probably a lot more.


Reason #3 – You’ll have more energy for doing the things you love

If writing isn’t your forte, you’re likely to feel frustrated, disappointed and even depleted.

Think of the energy spent on writing a blog post. If it takes you four hours and a colossal amount of pain, is it worth it?

Often, the energy burn from doing tasks outside our strengths can be cumulative.

Will you end up feeling like there’s nothing in the tank for working on the parts of your business you love?

And what about time for you? This is not a post about self-care, but self-care IS important. Time for self-care must be factored into your schedule.

Does watching an intense Chris Hemsworth flick on Netflix count as self-care? Absolutely, if it makes you feel good.


Reason #4 – You’re less likely to feel burned out

Beyond frustration, disappointment and depletion is a dark and gloomy road to burnout.

If you’ve walked that path before, you’ll know the pain.

You’ll also know the triggers that drive you there, and the warning signs that you’re approaching it.

And frequently, pouring our energy into tasks that aren’t our strength can be fuel that drives us towards burnout.

When you’re approaching burnout, it’s not just your business that is affected. Your entire world suffers.

Is that how you want your world to look?

As a non-betting woman, I have no clue what our betting options are in this new COVID world. 

But let’s say betting everything we own is an option. I’m willing to bet everything I own that no human would make a conscious choice to see their world to be one of burnout and suffering.


Reason #5 – It’s probably not the BEST use of your time

Here is a crucial question. A question you should habitually ask yourself every time you change tasks.

“Is this the best use of my time?”.

I have this on a note on my monitor so it’s always in my face. It makes sure I make mindful choices about how I spend my time.

Exactly what is the best use of your time will change frequently. But no matter the demand, there is a simple and consistent CORRECT answer to that question.


If the answer isn’t yes, you need to reconsider how you are spending your time.

And that may mean outsourcing more than just blogs. You may find you need to outsource most, or even all of your copywriting.

If that is where you end up, you know where to find me 🙂

Just imagine how much Netflix and chill with Chris Hemsworth you could have with your newfound free time kiss.

And if you want to chat about outsourcing your copywriting, I encourage you to book a chat with me.

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