Business and mindset coach for smart business mums

Helping you build a standout, family-friendly business that doesn’t suck the life out of you 

Business and mindset coach for smart business mums

Helping you build a family-friendly business that doesn’t suck the life out of you 

I hear you. I see you.

If you’re like most business mums, you’re so over the fight to stand out while also trying damn hard not to burn out.

You love what you do. But all too often the mum guilt kicks in as you spend your 59th hour for the week at your desk, desperately trying All The Things to get more clients.

The kids are eating toast again for dinner (which by the way, is FINE, but I know it’s niggling at you, and that’s one of the many niggly feelings I can help with).


And when you take a sneaky peek at your competitors?

It feels like they’re effortlessly standing out. Like they’re perpetually rocking hot pink high vis PPE gear. Complete with reflective strips.

It’s blinding, right?

You probs even mutter, “Why the heck isn’t that me?”. The envy and frustration is freakin’ exhausting.

You know there has to be a better way.

Guess what? There is.

The only way you’ll really build your business in the way you crave is to




by making better decisions that are powered by smart, family-friendly systems

So, whatcha say? Keen to get smart?


Cue the celebrations!

I’m here to help you do exactly that.

Hi, I’m Miranda

I’m a small business coach for regional small businesses that crave impact.

Like you, I’m tired of so much sameness.

I know you’re different. I know you make people’s lives better. You know it too.

You just need smart systems to pave the way for you.

The good news is, I can help.

As a business coach, life coach, advocate and supporter of my own local business community for 8 years, copywriter, business owner, and learning junkie, my superpower is bringing all this together to build proven smart systems that WORK.

So you can make better decisions, catapult out of the crowd, and finally have that meaningful and powerful business you crave.

Miranda Packer-Regional Small Business Coach with a client

If you don’t like to chuckle or you’re lacking in a sense of humour, you probably won’t like working with me


I have a question for you.

Small and local business copywriter Miranda Packe is looking into the camera as if to be saying "Pssst!"

Hint: There is only one right answer. A roaring, emphatic “NO!”

In business, you NEED to be different.

You know this. And you are different. But you’re SO much more.

You don’t do ordinary. You’re a slave to standing out.

Your business is infused with your YOU-ness.

It’s supercharged with your zeal and your zest. You’re in love with what you do and you won’t rest until you’ve left your mark on the world.

So then why the heck isn’t your business growing in the way you desperately want it to? And why are you burning out, but without the glory of monumental success?

Hint: It’s not you, it’s your systems. Give them a GET SMART makeover and everything will change.

Want to GET SMART?

Am I the small business coach for you?

Your relationship with your business coach is vital.

The right coach will will be an extension of your brain.

They’ll care about you, challenge you and celebrate with you.

They get you.

They live to see you thrive.

Miranda Packer brand voice copywriter

With me, it looks like this:

Feel the love

You’ll know I care because I’ll go deep inside your mind and your business and ask all the tough questions.


Stand out

I challenge you to share EVERYTHING. Because you being truly raw and real = your own kind of unique = snagging unicorn clients.

Grow together

I’m in your corner the whole time we’re working together. And beyond too. Because as your coach, I’m as invested in your success as you.

Sound like the kind of relationship you want to get into?

Kim McArthur, owner of South Coast Brides, says Miranda "Writes words that evoke emotions and spark action"

Kerry Dover

The Momentum Architects

“She solves problems you didn’t even know you had”

Miranda has a remarkable and deep desire to identify and solve problems you didn’t even know you had.

Her commitment to seeing her clients succeed has led to some deep thinking about my brand proposition.

I love that she is unafraid to challenge EVERYTHING.

A bit more, if you’re still unsure

Copywriter Miranda Packer can take away the pain of writing testimonials

Small business love

Growing them, starting them. Working in them, on them, and around them. Celebrating them as the manager of a business awards program. Supporting them as a board member of  my local business chamber. I have so much space in my heart for regional small businesses.

Learning junkie

As a card carrying member of Learners Anonymous, I’ve invested tens of thousands in professional development. Business coaching, life coaching, entrepreneurship, marketing, personal development, routines & rituals,  copywriting, course creation, I literally can not stop learning. And you get all the benefits without the study time!

City grown, country home

Created in Melbourne, I now call the NSW South Coast home. Melbourne life was characterised with cocktails, chaos and corporate thinking. South coast life is white sand beaches, country serenity and immersing myself in the local business community. And I live so close to a winery I can almost smell the grapes!


Ready to GET SMART?

Of course you are!

Want a free, 45 minute success planning call to find out how?